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  • The blackbelt guitarist, December 16, 2010:
    Don't worry about how long it takes to get there. No reputable school will give you a concrete answer nor even an approximate answer so don't get your mind cluttered by that stuff otherwise me and my friends will be quick to capitalize on you with a submission. Enjoy learning the techniques and get good at them because what good is being a black belt if the blue belts or purple belts are utterly destroying you? Those belts aren't even that great to judge your talents or knowledge. I have submitted a two or three lower ranked purple belts and a lot more blue belts. I'm a highly ranked white belt. How embarrassed do you think those guys were? Just enjoy the experience.
  • jarrodanderson1229, December 17, 2010:
    You concern shouldn't be with out fast you achieve higher belts, but should be more focused on how much your learning, and improving. The belts will come with time, and dedication. In takes somebody who is natural with BJJ 6 months to a year. I've seen people be at white belt for up to 4 years. Depends on your level of training, how often you train, how quickly you pick up the techniques, and your instructor. Blue to purple takes the longest I've heard between 2-4 years after getting your blue. From Purple to Brown, not sure but i know it's about 2 years again, and then 1-3 years to black. Again this is a rough estimate there have been people who have gone from white to black in 4 years. BJ Penn in 3 years. But then again these people are naturals at BJJ and do nothing but train everyday for hours with no worry about working, or school, ect. Belts will come as long as you stay consistent and dedicated to learning, and improving.
  • Ned, December 18, 2010:
    I look to see how old you are - 14 yrs. You will not be ranked as a blue belt until you are 16 yrs. Sadly it's an age thing. Now that doesn't mean you wont go up in rank but it will be in a under 16 yrs ranking system rather than the adult. white, blue, purple etc. So stick with it and just learn. I find girls your age usually pick up BJJ fast because of their attention to detail. So enjoy and grow ... and kick a little butt.
  • Jimmy, December 18, 2010:
    id say 1-2 years depending on how often you attend but dont worry about ranking up just practice your techniques often and you might rank up faster

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